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1) Is “DARFIELD SPORTS” a brand?

Answer: No, DARFIELD SPORTS is not a brand. We are manufacturer, offering our services and production quality to Brands, Clubs and Institutions for their Garments to be used in trainings, Professional & Promotional use.

2) What Products / Services you offer?

Answer: We are the manufacturer of all bespoke sportswear, teamwear and casual garments including multiple accessories. We do sublimation, embroidery, screen printing and printed stickers as well.

3) Do you manufacture customized products?

Answer: Yes, we do. Our production is totally customized, based on the specifications provided by the customer

4) What customizations do you offer?

Answer: Starting from product design to the delivery methods, we give all choices to our customers. Customers choose their product designs, fabrics, labels, tags, packing style and delivery methods, according to their own ease.

5) Why we should prefer “DARFIELD SPORTS”?

Answer: Quality is what the reputed brands and Clubs prefer. Our qualified team firmly acts upon the basic principles of “Total Quality Management” which ultimately enhances the production quality and Customer Service.

6) We are worried about the privacy of our designs & details. Are they safe?

Answer: Yes, your details are completely safe. We keep all your designs, your logos and all your details as “CONFIDENTIAL DATA”. They are as safe as in your care.

7) We need a quote. Is it possible?

Answer: Yes, it is possible. If you need a quote about any product, simply click on Get a Quote form and provide us the details or give us an email at with complete details about the product. Following is the checklist.


  • Product Images or Designs
  • Fabric Details
  • Artwork Details
  • Sizes
  • Quantities
  • Mode of Delivery
  • Shipping Address (With zip code / area code)

8) Can we have free samples?

Answer: No, we do not offer free samples due to the multiple reasons

9) How we can order our products?

Answer: To order your Products, just write us at:

10) Is our order considered “CONFIRMED” after providing all details to you?

Answer: After all the details are provided to us, an invoice will be forwarded to you having all the details about your order. Your order will be considered “CONFIRMED” after the payment is made.

11) Do you Accept Credit Card Payments?

Answer: We accept payments via Bank Transfer only. For sampling payments, we use Western Union.

12) What is your standard turnaround time?

Answer: Normally, 3-4 weeks is the turnaround time. Time starts from the date of order confirmation. For special orders, turnaround time will be mentioned on the Email.

13) Are Duty Fees and Taxes calculated in Price?

Answer: We ship worldwide. Different countries have different criteria about their duty fees and taxes that will be invoiced before or after your products are delivered. Those duty fees / taxes are the responsibility of customer to pay. We work with FedEx, DHL, SkyNet and DPD. To read up on their policies, please visit their official websites.

14) I’m looking for a product that is not on your website. What should I do?

Answer: Don’t worry if your required product is not on our website. Just write us an email with the details about that product at Our representative will respond to your email as quick as possible.

15) What is the difference between waterproof and water-resistant / water-repellent?

Answer: A waterproof product will protect you against heavy rains while a water-resistant / waterrepellent item will only protect you in case of a drizzle.


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Darfield Sports

Teamwear Uniform Manufacturer | Customized Garments Manufacturer | Sublimated Apparel Manufacturer